All that you need to know about Interior Lights

When you design and build your dream haven, it is essential that you give importance to the type of lights that you use. Instead of sticking to the stereotypical lights that have been used over the decades, why not switch over to a plethora of lights that would define that ambience of your little cocoon?

Lighting is an aspect of interior designing that no designer would put aside. It is the light that defines the positive experience of your interior space. There are two types of lighting that are mainly taken into consideration by your designer – Ambient Lights and Task Lights.

  • Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting refers to the types of light used to add to the overall look and feel of the house and is treated as the first layer of the lighting process. Soft lights fall under the category of ambient lights as they provide the interior space with a light synonymous with the sunlight that enters your space through the windows of your home. Ambient light fixtures that are most designer’s favourite include flush mount ceiling lights, soft light chandeliers and torchieres.

Here are a few tips to follow when you add ambient lights to your dream home.

– Excessive lighting is not going to do any good to your space. So the lighting must be in proportion to your living space.

– Ambient lighting adds a cozy warm glow to your home. So in case you prefer multiple lights, always place them at strategically and aesthetically suitable positions throughout the space.

– If your living space is big enough to accommodate multi-directional ambient lights, go for it! This decision is not only going to be aesthetically pleasing, but also more effective in creating an illusion to make make your space appear even more bigger.

– It is best to add dimmers to your lights when you decide to sip some wine with your lady love, and watch her favourite chick-flicks.

  • Task Lighting

Next in line for the lighting process is Task Lighting. Sometimes, ambient light is not really enough to support you while you are at work. It is here that task lights makes its entry. They complement the ambient lights used in your home. Moreover, task lights also help you in reducing the usage of ambient lights at your work space, thereby saving some amount of energy in the process.

Some activities that require task lighting include reading, writing, cooking, grooming etc. Task lights avoid the glare you encounter with your usual lights, thereby reducing the strain to your eyes.

Common task lights include table lamps, directional ceiling lights and under counter lights.