7 Things To Know Before buying a Real Estate Property In Kerala.

7 Things To Know Before buying a Real Estate Property In Kerala 


Buying villas in Kerala or buying flats in Kerala is one of the best investments you can make. And there are several reasons for it. To own a property is not just a matter of prestige, but there is always appreciation for your property price as the land value keeps increasing. You have the option to sell, rent or lease out your property and you can get healthy returns on your investment.

There are some important tips to be kept in mind while buying a new construction in Kerala, if you are planning to buy flats in Kerala or villas in Kerala.


Here are some things you need to consider:

1. Title Deed

Always check the title deed thoroughly and make sure that it’s clear. You must ensure that the seller is the rightful owner of the whole property, and that said property has not been mortgaged or sold. 

It would be apt to have a lawyer go through all the documents pertaining to the property to verify and make sure everything is in order. Before purchasing an apartment or villa, check if the builder owns the land, or only the development rights.


2. Land Use Zone

It is essential to make sure that the land you are planning to buy has been zoned for the particular purpose you have in mind. For example if you are buying a property in Kerala for constructing a commercial building, you must ensure beforehand that that particular land has been zoned as commercial itself.


3. Agricultural Land

In case the land that you’re buying is earmarked as agricultural land, you will need permission to convert it into non-agricultural land. Only then can you proceed with the desired construction work. For this you have to obtain a certificate to that effect from the District Collector.


4. Licenses

It is equally essential that you check all the paperwork when it comes to purchasing flats in Kerala or villas in Kerala. You must enquire that the project has received approval by the relevant civic authority and check if the builder has obtained all the other necessary approvals like environmental clearance, commencement certificate and so on.

When you purchase flats in Calicut, flats in Trivandrum or flats in Kerala (be it any part of Kerala), Malabar Developers always makes all the proceedings transparent, by abiding every aspect of the deal in order and makes it a hassle free affair for our customers. 


5. Release and Encumbrance Certificate

In case the property you’re purchasing is an apartment for resale, you must check if it is mortgaged with a bank. If the property was pledged before, you must ensure that the loan has been paid off and the release certificate has been obtained. 

Seek for an Encumbrance certificate to make sure that there are no legal holds on the said property.


6. Fair Value

Whenever you buy flats in Kerala or villas in Kerala or any property for that matter in Kerala or elsewhere, always enquire about the ‘fair value’ as set by the Government. The actual market value will be different from this. You will be in a better position to negotiate the sale price if you are aware of the ‘Fair value’ well in advance, and have all the necessary information related to the same.


7. Access

Always make sure to check this aspect. Whenever you’re buying a plot of land or a flat or villa, check how good an access the place has. Check for factors like is it on the main road, or in a lane? Look into important points like can vehicles easily reach there? 

Vehicle access is necessary whether you’re looking to build a home or commercial project. 

Malabar Developers flats in Calicut, flats in Trivandrum and flats in Kerala( all the other parts of Kerala) always have ample parking space availability and are easily accessible.


To Conclude

To deliver a dream home to all our clients is our motto and our valuable clientele is a response to how well our villas in Kerala or flats in Kerala have sheltered-in our residential and commercial developments.

For more details and to book flats in Calicut, flats in Trivandrum or any other part of Kerala, you may consider contacting us.