5 Apartment Decorating Ideas

Home Interior DecorChanging lifestyles and smaller families have led to a change in trends for home options, with an increasing number of people choosing apartment homes. And with most cities getting increasingly congested, apartments are becoming smaller. This poses a big challenge as far as decorating these apartments is considered; however, there are ways that you can get around these issues. Some of the best tried and tested ideas for decorating apartments include the following:

Color it right

While decorating apartments, it’s always better to stick to one or two accent colors of your choice. When used in small doses against a background of cream or white, it creates an aesthetic ambiance as well as a more spacious look. Using more than 2 accent colors will result in a cluttered, over-crowded feel to your space. You can use the highlight colors in your rug, throw cushions or even with a prominently-displayed painting.

Brighten up

Natural sunlight is the best way to brighten up your space. Go with sheer curtains to let in maximum sunshine into your home. A brightly-lit home chases away the dark shadows and creates a welcoming atmosphere. You can create a layering effect with artificial lights by having general lighting for everyday use, task lighting for specific activities, ambient lighting or mood lighting and finally, decorative lighting such as chandeliers.


Aside from being decorative, mirrors tend to reflect light, giving the room a larger feel. They create the illusion of space and make the room appear brighter too. All this is beside the fact that mirrors come in beautiful frames which makes them excellent décor items in their own right!

Storage spaces

Space is a major concern in most apartments and one of the easiest ways to tackle this issue is by using shelves. They are easy to install wherever there is extra wall space and can be used for a multitude of purposes. Aside from displaying your décor items, you can keep pretty storage containers to stow away stuff, thereby creating more open space to move about.

Room dividers

Screens and room dividers come in various materials and designs these days and can form a part of your classic décor – aside from functionally compartmentalizing your spaces. Best used in open-plan apartments where they are easy to move around and can visually demarcate areas.

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